Products liability describes the tort liability faced by a manufacturer or seller of a product that injures a buyer or user of the product. Liability can occur at any point along the chain of production and distribution, meaning the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer can all be held accountable for injury caused by a product. Even intangible products, such as gas, real estate, pets, charts and graphs can be subjects of a products liability case. Products liability can even occur where the product was misused, provided the misuse was foreseeable.

The injury-causing defect of a product can occur before (design defect), during (manufacturing defect) or after the manufacturing process (marketing defect). A design defect is a flaw in the product's design which makes the product inherently dangerous. A manufacturing defect occurs where a problem with the manufacturing process causes the product to be defective. Finally, a marketing defect can occur if the product lacks appropriate instructions or warnings.

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